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The Play Project Mahavidya is a One-Stop Therapy Center for Children with Special Needs in Seremban. We like to consider them as Differently Abled Children

Therapies offered are Occupational, Speech therapy, Aqua-therapy, Physiotherapy, Child Psychologist (behavior therapy), and Suit Therapy.

Our Therapies are trained to serve the needs of children with all kinds of disabilities

Learning disabilities Mental disabilities Physical disabilities

Children, Special Needs, EIP, Early Intervention Program
Group Aqua Therapy in the EIP (Early Intervention Program)

Early Intervention Program groups in the morning and tailor-made full-day programs. One-on-One Academic Support Programs with (IEP) Individual Education Plan. Our therapy center supports the academic performance of children with special needs. Our therapists are highly trained experienced graduates. They continuously keep adding extra modules to their degree.

Located in a very lovely part of Seremban, next to the Royal Sungei Ujong Club.

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Speech Therapist, Cindee, The Play Project Mahavidya, Special Needs Children
Early Intervention Program

Our therapy playroom cum therapy rooms are adorable and dynamic, perfectly suited for a child’s play. Our team provides dedicated, therapeutic services to children with all types of developmental delays.

The EIP program is an evidence-based, scientifically proven therapy. It helps to enhance social skills and prepare your child for school


In the EIP groups, kids will be guided to explore their senses through a variety of physical and sensory activities. With the goal to spark interest, enhance performance, and overall awareness. This, in turn, will help the child become more independent.  Philosophy is that all children, regardless of diagnosis, have gifts to offer and challenges to meet.

Our aim is to be guides and supporters. Leading each individual child to reach their true potential and find a valued place in our society.

Our services include the following therapy for Children with Special Needs in Seremban. Occupational, Speech therapy, AquaPhysiotherapy, Child Psychologist (behavior therapy), and Suit Therapy. We are the only center in Seremban that offers Suit Therapy. Director, founder, and therapist Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran (Edith Kasander)

Intensive Suit Therapy di The Play Project Mahavidya, Seremban 🙂. Kami adalah satu-satunya Pusat Terapi di Seremban yang menawarkan 'Intensive Suit Theraphy' dimana dapat membantu memberi anak postur tubuh yang betul, nada otot dan corak pergerakan yang terganggu oleh kecacatan. . Terapi Suit dapat membantu memperbetulkan penyelarasan untuk anak yang didiagnosis dengan Cerebral Palsy dan neuro-motor lain.. Mari kita lihat bagaimana ProsesIntensive Suit Theraphy dijalankan di Pusat Terapi Kami 👇🏻..🖐🏻 The Play Project Mahavidya 🖐🏻

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The Play Project Mahavidya in partnership with Civitas is in the process of starting an organic vegetable garden and with your help, we can provide your children with a healthy dietary option. The Play Project in correlation with Civitas The Play Project FB Group The Play Project, Mahavidya Inner Health FB Page Whatsapp me; 0165807426 THANK YOU