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Today the Kids made a Banana Cake! 🤩.Mixing, Mashing, Sprinkling and eventually eating a warm delicious Banana Cake.The different textures, smells, colors and tastes of the whole process is a sensory experience.. Simple activity but great for children's development..Looks yummy right⁉️😋. Baking sessions are one of the activities of our EIP Program. . Our EIP program is still open for Registration. . Call us to find out about what we have to offer in our EIP program ⬇️……………………………………………………………………Hari ini Kanak-kanak membuat Kek Pisang! 🤩. Campurkan, tumbuk, taburkan dan akhirnya makan kek pisang yang sedap.Tekstur, bau, warna dan rasa yang berbeza dari keseluruhan proses adalah pengalaman sensori. Aktivity ringkas tapi sangat bagus untuk perkembangan anak-anak.Nampak macam sedap bukan⁉️😋. Membakar Kek adalah salah satu aktiviti yang terdapat dalam program EIP kami. . Program EIP kami masih di buka untuk Pendaftaran. . Hubungi kami untuk mengetahui tentang apayang kami tawarkan dalam program EIP ini ⬇️📞 016-580 7426. Waze The Play Project Mahavidya Our location ⬇️No. 2, Dato' Kelana MaamorSeremban (Near to Royal Sungei Ujung Club).🖐🏻The Play Project Mahavidya Sdn Bhd 🖐🏻. . #eip #earlyinterventionprogram #williamssyndrome #theplayprojectmahavidya #seremban

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Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program for Special Needs Children with the Play Project Mahavidya offers a variety of therapeutic and support services to eligible children and their families, including family education and counseling.

Should you be concerned that your young child may have a developmental delay or learning and attention issues, it will be a good idea to inquire about our early intervention program. Early intervention can help infants, toddlers, and children make big strides. This overview explains the first steps you can take to help your child.

“Providing services early helps children catch up and increases their chances for success in school and life overall.”

What you need to know about it!

Learning and Attention Issues vs. Other Issues
By The Understood Team
What kinds of early intervention services we provide?

We can help with development in these areas:
1. Physical skills (reaching, crawling, walking, drawing, building)
2. Cognitive skills (thinking, learning, solving problems)
3. Communication skills (talking, listening, understanding others)
4. Self-help or adaptive skills (eating, dressing)
Social or emotional skills (playing, interacting with others)
5. Sensory processing skills (handling textures, tastes, sounds, smells)

Our early intervention program offers the following these services from the professionally trained therapist:

Screening and assessment.
Speech and language therapy.
Physical or occupational therapy and Psychological services.

Early intervention means doing things as early as possible to work on your child’s developmental, health, and nutritional needs.

The Play Project Mahavidya offers the following professional services.

Occupational therapy can help with fine motor skills, play, and self-help skills like dressing and toileting.

Physiotherapy can help with motor skills like balance, sitting, crawling and walking.

Speech therapy can help with speech, language, eating and drinking skills.

Aqua Therapy, has been shown to help a variety of special needs children. The unique properties of the water allow children to work on developmental skills such as crawling, walking, rolling and jumping.

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