Empowering Special Needs Youths at The Social Brew Cafe

The Social Brew Café

Within the Play Project Mahavidya Premesis , The Social Brew Cafe is running.

The café was established to provide a job opportunity for special needs individuals once they have
completed their education and are somewhat ready for an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.

There are many other establishments that do employ these individuals however they are expected to
keep up with the expectations of the management and often times the work environment is not conducive
for special needs individuals. In a company that “accepts” these individuals for employment, they have
to conform to company norms and standards.

However, at The Social Brew Café, the environment is made to cater to these individuals.

The setup as well as the standard operating procedures (SOPs) is
designed to cater to these individuals with their needs in mind. That includes taking the environment
setting (lighting/noise), food and drink prep procedures, safety protocols and other minor details (break
or rest time and items to keep them occupied) into consideration.

For now, the café only hires students from Thoughtful Minds Academy.

Besides all that, the café also aims to create an interactive environment that not only entertains the
creative minds of special needs individuals but let the customers who come also have a unique experience.

Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 3:30pm-9:30pm.


 About Thoughtful Minds Academy:

Thoughtful Minds Academy was established in 2017 with the goal of helping special needs individuals
achieve their full potential.

The academy started by running small group programmes during the weekdays.
Demand for the programme began to increase and there was a need for accommodations and long-term
sessions. This need from the society is what helped establish one of the first Vocational Training Centre and
Boarding School in Malaysia for special needs teenagers and adults in late 2021.

Thoughtful Minds Academy offers a holistic approach to individual growth and development. They offer
boarding and vocational training options for special needs individuals with daily activities catered to their
personal and educational requirements.

Their programmes focus on the individual’s well-being and functional
academic performance such as Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and provide a variety of unique courses to
cultivate their talents such as entrepreneurship and certification in various areas that can lead them into an
independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. They cater to both the individual’s personal interests and their
parent’s goals for the individual’s future.

You can find out more about us in the links below.

Website: https://thoughtfulminds.wixsite.com/boardingschool
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ThoughtfulMinds.Academy
YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjAHQYur8ZHuFTE8L-9CTlQ
Instagram: @thoughtfulminds_academy
Tiktok: @thoughtfulmindsacademy