How can Occupational Therapy help your Special Needs Child?

Occupational Therapist, Special Needs child, motor skills, neuromotor disorders

How can our Occupational Therapist help your Special Needs child? It can help kids with various needs such as improving their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Our therapist is certificate in assessment & treatment of children with neuromotor disorders.

Our Occupational therapists  work with fine motor skills, sensory processing, visual skills, and self-care. Typical activities during sessions might involve grasping and releasing toys, improving hand-eye coordination, handwriting skills, and learning how to bathe, dress and feed oneself. OT is also useful in teaching social skills, anger management, and improved focus.

When you child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often has trouble communicating and interacting with other people. Your child’s interests, activities, and play skills may be limited.  Occupational therapist has the necessary skills to help children with autism develop these skills at home and in school.

Should you be concerned that your young child may have a developmental delay or learning and attention issues, you may be curious about speaking with an occupational therapist. Our therapist  can help infants and toddlers make big strides. This overview explains the first steps you can take to help your child.

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